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What are the characteristics of the metal mesh filter? What is the application field of metal mesh filter?

October 28,2022

What are thecharacteristics of metal mesh filter?
1. Suitable for working in acid-base and high-temperature environment, with large air volume and small resistance;
2. The corrugated filter screen with different specifications is composed to reduce the clearance of the filter screen and improve the filtering effect;
3. Long service life, high product strength, low resistance, high fire rating, repeatable flushing does not affect performance;
4. The maximum temperature used is 300 ℃;
5. Maximum humidity used 100%
6. Provide complete standard size, and special size can also be customized;
7. Thickness: 25 ” Average efficiency: 72.5% Dust collection capacity: 91g/ft2 thickness; 46 ” average efficiency: 81.5% Dust collection capacity: 143g/ft2
8. EN799 Level: G2 EUROVENT4/5 Level: EU2
9. Average weighing efficiency: 65% – 70% (ASHRAE52.1-1992)
10. DIN53438 Flame retardant standard: F1
11. Final resistance: (recommended) 200Pa – (large) 200Pa
12. Large air volume: 125% of rated air volume
What is theapplication field of metal mesh filter?
The metal mesh filter is used in the central air conditioning range hood and primary filtration, especially for acid, alkali or high temperature ventilation filtration.
1. Coarse dust filtration system for general building air conditioning.
2. Primary filtration of industrial grade air ventilation equipment.
3. The ventilation system with acid and alkali resistance, high strength and high temperature resistance is required.
4. Filter in wax spraying room of automobile assembly workshop.
5. It is suitable for filtration systems in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
6. It is also suitable for filtering, dedusting and separation in various environments.
Parameters of metal mesh filter
Use of metal mesh filter: coarse dust filtration (applicable to high temperature environment): pre filtration of air filtration system
Type of metal mesh filter: flat metal mesh filter
Metal mesh filter frame: galvanized iron, aluminum profile, aluminum plate or stainless steel
Metal mesh filter material: nylon mesh, aluminum mesh or stainless steel wire mesh
Metal mesh filter protective mesh: galvanized square mesh, stainless steel square mesh brace
Metal aluminum mesh primary efficiency filter details: multi-layer aluminum mesh or stainless steel mesh is used as the special inner material of the filter screen. Each layer has two types, wave and plane. The air is arranged in a cross and overlapping way at the right angle, so that the direction of the air changes many times when passing through the mesh, and the aperture is arranged from coarse to fine with different densities to achieve low resistance of the air flow, which can increase its dust collection capacity and efficiency.
The filter screen is made of layers to form a solid filter material. Under the weight of air flow and dust, it will not compress, deform or collapse, but still maintain its high efficiency. And do not mix the resin adhesive, otherwise it will burn and resist high temperature.
Whether it is aluminum filter screen or stainless steel filter screen, it can be easily cleaned and maintained to save costs, and provide a durable and long life filter screen for your air-conditioning sites

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