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What are the common cutting methods of dust removal cloth?

June 17,2022

What are the common cutting methods of dust removal cloth? Sffiltech will tell you that there are three cutting methods for dust removal cloth:


  1. No edge banding (cold cutting): it is mainly cut directly by electric scissors. This cutting method is easy to produce wool scraps at the edge, and it is not allowed to do cleaning treatment after cutting. A large number of cloth scraps will be generated at the edge during the wiping process, which is not recommended for use generally.


  1. Laser cutting: through laser instantaneous high-temperature melting, the edge banding is good and there will be no hair scraps. After cutting, the products can be cleaned by net spraying and cleaning, so as to make the products reach a high dust-free standard. The disadvantage is that the edge is slightly hard because it is melted. It should be noted that 75% of the market uses this edge banding method.


  1. Ultrasonic edge banding: through the vibration generated by the ultrasonic vibration unit (vibrator) (to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy), heat is transferred through horn (welding head), and then the fabric is extruded by the cutter. This edge banding is a perfect method for cutting clean cloth at present. The edge banding effect is good and the edge will not be hard. However, this cutting method is too expensive, and the market share is about 15%.


Correct and careful installation of dust removal cloth bag installation method of external filter bag


  1. Adjacent filter bags shall not collide with each other.
  2. The filter bag shall be correctly matched with the frame, and the frame shall be straight without burrs.
  3. The bag opening and perforated plate shall be reliably sealed and fixed.
  4. The filter bag is suspended vertically under the perforated plate.


Installation method of internal filter bag


  1. The upper end of the filter bag is equipped with a bag cap and hung on the cross beam of the dust collector through the hanging device, and the lower end is reliably sealed and fixed with the lower bag.
  2. All accessories (anti deflating ring) in the filter bag shall be correctly matched, and all accessories shall be free of burrs or fractures.
  3. The tension of the filter bag shall be adjusted to the specified value during the installation of the filter bag, so that the filter bag will not loosen or fall off during filtration and back blowing, and it shall be adjusted once a week and one month after use.

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