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What are the common liquid filter cartridges?

May 27,2022

The liquid filter cartridge is the main component of the filter cartridge filter. The main structure of the filter cartridge is generally cylindrical, with the characteristics of simple form, convenient use, high filtration accuracy, large flow and low installation cost. It is widely used in the separation operation in the fields of automobile, petroleum, chemical industry, beverage, brewing, electroplating and environmental protection. The main materials of the core include organic membrane, porous ceramics, sintered metal, wool fiber, porous resin, etc. The liquid with the particle size of impurities less than 40um in the liquid is suitable to be filtered by filter cartridge,


The filtration mechanism of filter cartridge is generally divided into surface filtration, deep filtration, winding filtration and flow filtration.


Surface filtration is to directly intercept the impurity particles on the surface, but the dirt holding capacity will be low. Generally, the filter cartridge with folding structure is used to increase the dirt holding capacity.


Deep filtration refers to filtration through average or uneven interception of impurity particles, followed by sedimentation and diffusion. For example, the metal filter cartridge generally intercepts particle impurities with equal size, while the fiber filter cartridge generally intercepts impurities with different pore diameters, that is, unevenly.


Winding filtration consists of continuous winding of fiber yarn on the filter cartridge and shaping when the winding reaches a certain thickness. Because it is composed of multiple sections of cotton thread, it has high pollution holding capacity and strong interception capacity.


Flow filtration is composed of multiple cotton cloth or hard disks stacked together, and there is a channel between the disks to flow out the filtered liquid. The principle is that only particles smaller than the spacing of the disks can pass through and large impurities remain in the disks. We arefilter housing cartridge manufacturer.


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