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What are the effects of the post-treatment process for dust filter bags?

July 24,2023

In order to meet the collection of different dust and airflow, the raw materials of the filter bag will undergo corresponding post-processing during production to improve the dust collection efficiency and life cycle of the filter bag.

1. Burning and pressing treatment:

The needle felt filter material, which has undergone excellent post-processing technology, machine equipment singeing, polishing, stretching and shaping, has the advantages of ordinary singeing and polishing on both sides. It not only enhances the ash removal performance of the filter material, but also achieves the collection of micro smoke and dust.

2.Anti-static (anti-static) treatment:

Some smoke and dust may ignite when exposed to flames at a specified concentration. Therefore, needle punched felt filter materials that have been properly treated with anti-static (anti-static) should be used for the smoke and dust of flammable and explosive materials. Anti-static (anti-static) filter material refers to the mixing of conductive chemical fibers (including binary conductive chemical fibers, high-purity graphite wire conductive chemical fibers, and stainless steel plate conductive chemical fibers) into the filter material chemical fibers, so that all filter materials contain conductivity energy.

3.Moisture-proof and oil resistant (oil repellent and oil resistant) treatment:

The needle felt filter material is treated correctly with carbon fluorine epoxy resin and PTFE pre impregnated to resist oil and moisture (oil repellent and oil resistant). It is easier to collect smoke and dust on the surface of the dust removal bag for wet and dusty gases (especially in terms of water absorption capacity and moisture absorbing smoke and dust), preventing and slowing down the problem of sticking the bag.

4. Easy ash removal treatment:

The manufactured needle felt filter material that is easy to remove ash has high density and breathability, contains excellent ash removal characteristics, and can work for a long time under high filtering wind forces.

5.PTFE coating treatment:

When the particle size of smoke and dust is less than 1 μ m. Or when the smoke dust contains high viscosity, or the humidity of the gas containing environment is high, the general filter material cannot be filtered efficiently. Using polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) as the raw material for membrane filtration, it has extremely high filtration precision, a smooth surface, and is not easy to adhere to smoke and dust. It is very easy to remove dust and smoke, and it is not easy to penetrate into the filter material, completing surface filtration.

Select a suitable filter bag post-treatment process based on actual dust collection needs and environmental operation needs.

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