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What are the filter bags for carbon black?

November 19,2022

It is formed from hydrocarbon compounds (mainly petroleum derivatives) by incomplete combustion or pyrolysis of hydrocarbons at high temperatures, but the hydrogen and oxygen elements in them are converted into water, while the carbon elements are not fully burned, which will break away from the molecules and form carbon black.

It is recommended to selecthigh-temperature carbon black dust collection cloth filter bagsfor carbon black dust removal. The high-temperature dust removal cloth bags mainly include the following commonly used filter bags:

1.P84 Needle punched felt filter bag. Gravimetric weight: 500 Thickness: 2.3 Working temperature: ≤ 260 ℃ Instantaneous temperature: 280 ℃ Acid resistance: excellent alkali resistance: moderately applicable to coal-fired boilers, liquid bed boilers, waste incineration, asphalt plants, cement plants, waste incinerators, etc

2. FMS filter bag, gram weight: 800, thickness: 2.0, working temperature: ≤ 280 ℃, instantaneous temperature: 300 ℃, acid resistance: good alkali resistance: good for steel, smelting, ferroalloy, chemical industry, cement, calcium carbide, garbage incineration, power, asphalt mixing, etc

3.Nomex filter bag, gram weight: 500, thickness: 2.0, working temperature: ≤ 204 ℃, instantaneous temperature: 250 ℃, acid resistance: medium alkali resistance: medium, suitable for asphalt, cement, steel, non-ferrous metals, lime, dust, metallurgy, plastics, carbon black, coke, tobacco and other industries

4. Glass fiber needle felt filter bag, weight: 1000, thickness: 2.1, working temperature: ≤ 280 ℃, instantaneous temperature: 300 ℃, acid resistance: excellent alkali resistance: excellent for high-temperature dust removal cloth bags in high-temperature flue gas industries such as steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, cement and chemical industry

SFFILTECH, abrand filter bag manufacturerin China, has 16 years of experience in the filtration industry, and can provide polyester, aramid, acrylic, P84, PPS, glass fiber and other dust collection filter bags, PP, PE, NYLON liquid filter bags, and some other customized filter bags with special shapes and materials.

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