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What are the filter bags used for garbage incineration?

November 11,2022

The filter bag is an efficient dust collection filter material, which is mainly used to help the dust collector capture dust particles in the dust laden gas efficiently. Garbage incineration for power generation is currently the way to deal with garbage in many places. Before emission of flue gas, special attention is paid to dust collection of flue gas after incineration.

filter bags for garbage incineration:

1. PPS filter bag –acid gas filter bag: it is a kind of filter material made of PPS fiber (polyphenylene sulfide) through three-dimensional needle punching, and can be used for a long time at a temperature of about 160 ℃. PPS fiber is also known as polyphenylene sulfide fiber. Due to its special molecular structure, PPS fiber has good chemical stability and complete strength retention characteristics. It is particularly effective in the flue gas environment with high sulfur content, and is suitable for the filtering environment of high acid flue gas such as coal-fired boilers, power plants, garbage incineration, etc;

2. P84 filter bag —high-temperature garbage incineration filter bag: It is made of P84 fiber three-dimensional needle punched. P84 fiber (i.e. polyimide fiber) has good high temperature resistance performance, which can reach 260 ℃, and the section of P84 fiber is in irregular leaf shape, which can greatly improve the filtering effect. The fiber itself has certain hydrolysis resistance and oxidation resistance. The product has good temperature resistance and filtering effect, and is widely used under complex working conditions such as concrete mixing, cement, waste incineration, coal-fired boilers, etc;

3. PTFE filter bag — high temperature filter bag: a filter material made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene fiber) through three-dimensional needle punching. PTFE fiber is macromolecular linear structure, so it has strong temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance stability, and is widely used in various harsh flue gas filtration environments such as steel, power, garbage incineration, etc;

SFFILTECH produces and sells dust collection filter bags of various materials. SFFILTECH will recommend suitable dust collection filter bags according to the chemical properties, temperature, humidity, dust volume, viscosity, flammability and other factors of flue gas.


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