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What are the manufacturing standards of filter bag cage?

May 26,2022

Bag cage is an indispensable main accessory of bag filter. It is used as the keel to support the dust removal bag. It can be divided into six, eight, ten, twelve, sixteen, eighteen, twenty and twenty-four tendons.


Themanufacturing standard of filter bag cageis as follows:


A. The cage type dust removal framework requires that the support ring and longitudinal reinforcement shall be evenly distributed, and shall have sufficient strength and stiffness, be able to bear the gas pressure of the filter bag in the filtration and ash removal state, and prevent damage and deformation caused by collision and impact during normal transportation and installation.


B. All welding points of the filter bag framework shall be welded firmly without desoldering Faulty welding and missing welding.



C. The contact surface between the filter bag frame and the filter bag shall be smooth and smooth without welding scar Bumps and burrs.



D. The tension spring skeleton shall have enough turns and elasticity, and the spacing shall be uniform after being pulled


E. The surface of the filter bag frame must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment and electroplated according to different needs for plastic spraying or painting, if it is used at high temperature, the external anti-corrosion treatment shall clearly meet the requirements of service temperature.


F. The dust removal bag cage is divided into two or three sections as a whole.


G. The length of the dust removal bag cage is more than 3m, and the steel one-time forming text tube is worn.


H. The dust bag cage is galvanized, plastic sprayed and silicone treated.


Application of Filter bag cage is widely in steel, cement, chemical industry, power plant, road construction, metallurgy, grain processing, etc.


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