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What are the materials of glass fiber bag filter material?

February 06,2024

Glass fiber dust bag filter material is usually made of glass fiber as the main raw material, combined with other auxiliary materials.

The following are some common glass fiber dust bag filter material:

Medium alkali glass fiber filter material: It is made of medium alkali glass fiber twisted yarn material, which is divided into two series of graphite treatment and silicone oil treatment. It is formed by continuous weaving of medium alkali glass fiber twisted yarn by loom. Glass fiber filter material has high temperature resistance effect, good chemical corrosion resistance, and dust is easy to glass, so it is the ideal filter material for high temperature smoke emission enterprises. Suitable for cement shaft kiln and other enterprises.

Alkali-free glass fiber filter material: It is a filter material with excellent alkali resistance that is formed by the alkali-free glass fiber yarn formed by chemical treatment before weaving. In the equipment room, when encountering alkali-containing gas, the medium alkali glass fiber filter material is easy to be corroded by this gas because it does not have alkali resistance. At this time, the alkali-free glass fiber cloth woven by the alkali-free glass fiber yarn with its own alkali resistance can be fully adapted to the filter of alkali-containing flue gas, and there will be no filter material corrosion phenomenon.

Alkali-free expanded glass fiber filter material: alkali-free expanded glass fiber cloth is a new type of highly efficient filter material developed on the basis of continuous alkali-free glass fiber cloth. The difference with continuous alkali-free glass fiber cloth is that the weft is composed of non-alkali glass fiber bulking yarn. Due to the fluffy yarn, high coverage rate and good air permeability, it can improve filtration efficiency and reduce filtration resistance. Because the alkali-free glass fiber itself has good alkali resistance, it can effectively trap the alkaline dust in the flue gas, and the filter material can effectively prevent the alkali gas from corroding the filter material, so that the equipment is in a normal working state.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film covering: a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene film is covered on the surface of the glass fiber cloth to improve chemical corrosion resistance, water resistance and reduce the coefficient of friction.

Anti-static treatment: The use of polyester staple fiber and carbon fiber blend, into the opening, combing, laying nets, pre-needling, high-speed up and down the main thorn, singeing, calenderness, heat set, greatly improve the filter bag's own power performance, extend the filter bag life, to achieve the best use effect. By anti-static treatment on the surface of the glass fiber cloth, prevent the accumulation of static electricity, suitable for explosive dust working environment.

Phenolic resin: Sometimes phenolic resin is added to glass fiber cloth to improve its mechanical strength and wear resistance.

The combination of these materials can be adjusted according to the specific application requirements to meet the dust removal needs of different industrial environments. Glass fiber dust bag filter material is often used in high temperature, corrosive gas, dust and other environments, with better filtration effect and durability.

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