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What are the medium temperature filter bags?

November 19,2022

The filter bag is generally divided into normal temperature bag, medium temperature bag and high temperature bag. Filter bags of different materials are selected according to different working conditions.

Medium temperature filter bag In short, the medium temperature filter bag is generally referred to as the one whose working temperature is 130-200 degrees. We often refer to the flue gas below 130 ℃ as normal temperature flue gas, and the flue gas above 200 ℃ as high temperature flue gas. The flue gas between the two is called medium temperature flue gas.

Commonmedium temperature filter bagsare as follows:

1. Acrylic filter bag — Acrylic filter bag is also known as polyacrylonitrile, and its English name is Homepolymer Arcylic. It is a kind of synthetic fiber filter material with good hydrolysis resistance, which is applicable to the working condition of continuous operating temperature of 125 ℃ – 140 ℃. It has good resistance to organic solvents, oxidants, inorganic and organic acids, and good hydrolysis resistance.

2. PPS filter bag — the scientific name of pps filter bag is polyphenylene sulfide PPS, a high-performance thermoplastic engineering plastic, which has many characteristics such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, flame retardancy, etc. The operating temperature of PPS is 160 ℃ – 200 ℃.

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