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What are the performance characteristics of HEPA filters?

March 03,2023

Shanghai SFFILTECH Co., LTD. : Whether high efficiency air filter can work in high temperature environment
Hepa filters play an indispensable role in both home and industry. But how much do you know about HEPA filters? The following is a brief introduction to the performance characteristics of high efficiency air filters:
First of all, the service life of high efficiency air filter is longer than that of other purification equipment, which can generally be used for one to two years, saving the purification cost. But in industry, due to the sudden increase in workload, high efficiency air filters increase the air volume to complete the purification work, thus shortening the service life of high efficiency air filters, but this phenomenon is relatively normal. (high efficiency air filter HEPA filter manufacturer)
Secondly, hePA filters can work in high temperature environment, such as 80℃ in the environment, the equipment can still work normally. High efficiency air filter can resist the corrosion of industrial acid and alkali substances, protect equipment from damage.
Since then, the dust capacity and mechanism of high efficiency air filter have been greatly improved, which can adapt to the filtration work of large industries. Due to the low resistance, the efficiency of the whole filtration work can be improved. (HEPA filter manufacturer)
In fact, the installation of high efficiency air filter is also very convenient, but the first installation, please install. This can avoid unnecessary losses. Hepa filters can be pre-treated to better ensure the quality of purification and reduce the occurrence of pollution events (HEPA filter manufacturer)

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