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What are the specifications of all welded plastic filter bags?

January 20,2022

Aiming at the increasingly strict filtration requirements and the zero leakage filtration requirements required by some special working conditions, an all welded filter bag with international leading level is specially developed. It is made of high-quality polyester and polypropylene filter felt imported from Europe. After special singeing treatment on the surface, ensure that no fiber is separated from the filter material, resulting in the pollution of downstream filtrate. The filter material is made by needling. The needling method creates a three-dimensional filter layer. The deep filtration principle is adopted. The liquid flows through a tortuous path to intercept and retain the particles on the inner wall surface and deep layer of the filter bag, which has high capture ability for solid or colloidal particles. Uniform material thickness, stable pore size and strengthened mechanical strength make the filter bag more efficient and online time longer. The filter bag adopts the all welding fusion process, so there is no pollution problem caused by the need to cool the high-speed sewing thread with silicone oil in the traditional sewing process, and there is no side leakage caused by the needle eye. It meets the production technical requirements of electronics, food and other industries, and has obtained the food industry hygiene license issued by the Ministry of health.


The plastic ring produced by special mold opening adopts high-quality engineering plastics, which has excellent physical properties and chemical corrosion resistance. The handle integrated with the bag mouth is higher than the liquid level, which is convenient to replace the filter bag and improve the work efficiency. The plastic ring is specially designed and can be used in almost all bag filters on the market. 1-4 bags, all welded plastic ring filter bags produced by our company are compatible.


Sewing method:

  1. Steel loop suture needle felt filter bag
  2. Nylon monofilament suture filter bag
  3. Steel ring all welded filter bag
  4. Plastic sealing ring all welded filter bag

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