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What are the steps of the candle filter?

October 25,2023

Candle filter is a commonly used filter, mainly used to remove solid particles and larger impurities.

The filtering steps are as follows:

Feed treatment: The liquid to be filtered is introduced into the candle filter. At this time, the liquid needs to enter through the inlet of the filter, and the impurities and solid particles are removed through the filtration of the filter.

Filtration treatment: After the liquid enters the filter element, it is filtered through the outer surface of the filter element. The filter element is usually made of materials such as porous ceramics, stainless steel wire mesh or synthetic fibers, and has a high filtration effect. In this process, smaller solid particles and impurities are blocked outside by the filter, while larger particles are blocked inside by the filter.

Discharge treatment: The liquid filtered by the filter element flows out of the central cavity of the filter element and exhausts the filter through the outlet pipe. A regulating valve is usually arranged on the discharge pipe to control discharge flow and pressure.

Cleaning and replacement: After a period of use, the candle filter needs to be cleaned and replaced. Cleaning can remove dirt and oil on the filter element and extend its service life. If the filtration effect of the filter element decreases, a new filter element needs to be replaced to ensure the filtration effect.

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