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What are the structural design forms of filter bags?

March 17,2023

The development of modern industry and environmental protection is becoming more and more strict, and the requirements for filter bags are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, the material of filter bags, the shape of filter bags, dust removal methods and the structure of flute body are constantly updated and developed. Among all kinds of dust collectors, filter bags have the most types, which can be classified according to their characteristics. The performance of the filter bag is also different from its dust filter. The classification of filter bags is mainly based on the structural characteristics of filter bags, such as the shape of filter bags, filtering direction, air inlet position, dust removal method, etc. Filter bag

Classification according to the shape of dust bag

According to the shape of filter bag, it can be divided into two types: round filter bag and flat filter bag.

(1) Cloth bags are used for circular dust removal, which are environmental protection cloth bags with circular design. The shape of the filter bag is cylindrical, and its diameter is generally 120 ≤ 300mm, the maximum is not more than 600mm, the height is generally not more than 3m, and there are also more than 10m. Because the supporting structure framework and connection mode of a circular size cloth bag are simple, the ash cleaning process is easy, and the maintenance and management of the enterprise is relatively convenient, so it has been widely used in the society.

(2) Flat filter bag. The filter bag is a flat bag with a thickness of 25 ≤ 50, a height of 0.6 ≤ 1.2m and a depth of 300~500mm. Its biggest advantage is large filtration area per unit volume, but its wide application is limited due to the complexity of ash cleaning, maintenance and bag replacement.

2. By filtering method

Classification can be divided into internal filter and external filter.

(1) For internal filter, the dusty air flow flows from the inside of the bag to the outside, and the dust is deposited on the inside surface of the filter bag. The advantage is that the outside of the dust bag is clean gas, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of the bag body, and even can be repaired without stopping the machine. For example, mechanical vibration, back blowing and other ash cleaning methods are mostly internal filtration.

2. External filter. The dusty air flow flows from the outside to the inside of the filter bag, and the dust is deposited on the outer surface of the increased filter bag. The filter bag shall be equipped with theoretical support structure framework, and the filtering equipment shall be greatly worn. Most of the ash removal methods such as pulse injection method and rotary back blowing method can be studied in the form of external filtration. Most of the tablet computer filter bags are in the form of external filtration.

Dust bag

3. According to the entrance

The position classification can be divided into two types: lower dust bag and upper dust bag.

(1) Lower inlet air dust bag. The dusty gas enters from the lower part of the dust collector, and the air flow flows downward, and large particles directly fall into the ash hopper, reducing the wear of the cloth bag and extending the dust removal interval. However, because the air flow direction is opposite to the direction of dust falling, it is easy to discharge some fine dust, reducing the dust removal effect and improving the resistance. The invention has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and wide application range.

(2) The upper inlet air system filter bag, and the upper part passes through the air quality inlet filter bag.

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