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What are the suitable filter bags for the chemical industry?

April 14,2023

Introduction to SFFILTECH Chemical Filter Bag:

1. Sffiltech filter bags are mainly used in the industrial industry for liquid filtration, which can filter particulate impurities, surface suspensions, catalysts, gelatin, activated carbon, grinding particles, etc. in chemical liquids, with a filtration accuracy of 1-25 μ

2. Sffiltech filter bags can withstand various complex working conditions, such as strong acidity and alkalinity, high viscosity, high temperature, and high impurity content. By providing real on-site working conditions, the most suitable chemical filter bags for production can be selected.

3. The opening of the Sffiltech filter bag adopts an inverted ring, which is tightly sealed with a pressure plate to prevent side leakage. At the same time, the bag type of the filter bag adopts a hot melt process, while the traditional sewing process can cause 800-1200 leakage μ The side leakage of m does not occur on chemical filter bags.

SFFILTECH Chemical Filter Bag Features:

1. Compared with sffiltech filtration products, the cost of filter cartridges, filter presses, and other products is relatively higher. For example, when using filter cartridges, due to the lower flow rate than chemical filter bags, more filter cartridges need to be added for filtration. The cost of the product, the cost of manual replacement, and the cost of waste disposal are greatly increased.

2. The sffiltech filter bag adopts an international standard inner loop, and the bag body is treated with all hot melt processes. It can ensure that there is no side leakage during filtration, and the hot melt process can also minimize the problem of side leakage at the connection during filtration.

3. As a sffiltech liquid filter bag applied in the chemical industry, the challenging working conditions are sometimes quite turbulent, while pp pe chemical filter bags can withstand the pH range of 1-14 well, CPS viscosity is 70000, and temperature is within 120.

The sffiltech multi bag filter can solve the problems of high impurity content and flow rate.

SFFILTECH Chemical Filter Bag Application:

1. Recovery of activated carbon: In the process of chemical production, we usually use activated carbon to adsorb the odor and color of the liquid. In this process, activated carbon will be fully dissolved and dispersed into the liquid, which requires filter bags to filter the activated carbon in the liquid and fully filter it.

2. Catalyst recovery: Catalysts are a widely used agent in the chemical industry, and are essential in wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical industry, and electronics industry. Accelerating the process with catalysts can result in the formation of new suspended solids with liquids,

At this point, filter bags are used to filter the suspended solids formed by the catalyst reaction, and there are still catalysts that have not yet reacted. PP, PE, and NMO can effectively solve these impurities.

3. Paint coating: Filter bags are the most widely used filtering method in the production process of paint coatings. Due to the special production process of paint coatings, products such as pigments, resins, and tackifiers are added internally. The filter bag can filter the gelatin of the internal resin, grind the particles of the color table, and store pollutants.

Technical parameters of SFFILTECH chemical filter bags:

1. Flow rate (theoretical value of pure water test): 20T/H, 40T/H, 6T/H, 12T/H
2. PH range: PH1-14 (some materials, not all)
3. Filter cloth material: PP, PE, NMO, PTFE
4. Ring material: PP, PE, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, PTFE, PET high-temperature ring
5. Filtering accuracy range: 0.1-500 μ m
6. Filter bag size: 180MM * 810MM, 180MM * 430MM, 100MM * 230MM, 100MM * 380MM, 155MM * 560MM or customized
7. Working temperature: PP8. Replacement pressure difference:

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