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What are the types of bag filters housing? What are the advantages of various bags filters housing?

February 21,2022

Bag filters housing are classified according to different structures and the precision of filter bags installed inside, and each type of bag filter has different advantages.


Bag Filter Housing Classification


Bag filter housing can be divided into singlebag filter housing, multi bag filter housing and push in bag filter. Although these three filters are bag filters housing, they have different advantages.


Advantages of multi bag filter housing

  1. The multi bag filter housing has the advantages of large processing capacity, small volume and large sewage flow. The effective filtering area of a No. 2 filter bag is equivalent to 20 10 inch filter elements. The filter bag will be better than the filter element in terms of cost and efficiency;
  2. The side leakage probability of bag filter is very small, which can effectively ensure the filtering quality, and the side leakage probability of filter element will be relatively large, and the side leakage probability of N filter elements will reach 2n;
  3. The bag filter housing can bear greater working pressure, with small pressure loss, low operation cost and obvious energy-saving effect;
  4. At present, the filtering accuracy of the filter bag can reach 0.5um, which can replace the filter element in a large range.


Advantages of single bag filter housing

  1. Imagine that the single side filter will not produce the best sealing effect;
  2. It is more convenient and faster to replace the filter bag and the operation cost is lower;
  3. The structure of the equipment is reasonable, and the filtration is more stable and reliable.


Advantages of push in bag filter housing

  1. The internal space of the push in bag filter can be used more fully, so as to eliminate the existence of the traditional side entry type and waste the space;
  2. The filter bag can be replaced more quickly by opening the upper cover. Unlike the traditional side entry type, the filter bag can be replaced after taking out the compression ring of the filter bag, which reduces the chance of secondary pollution;
  3. The liquid inlet pipe is wider and smoother, and the interior of the top cover is of horn type. After the liquid enters, it can automatically divide the pressure, which has less impact on the filter bag, and the filter is more block and stable. After the liquid enters the side entry filter, turbulence will be generated inside, the pressure loss is relatively large, and it may cause the filter bag to flip inside the filter, which will lead to the accidental rupture of the filter bag.

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