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What are the weaving methods of filter cloth of filter press?

June 10,2022

The filter cloth and filter plate of the filter press are important components of the filter press, and whether the filter press works well depends on the function of the filter cloth and the condition that it is not blocked or damaged Solid liquid separation can be realized. Filter cloth is divided into two categories according to fiber material. One is natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and hemp, and the other is chemical synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, polyacrylonitrile, vinylon, acrylic and polyester. According to the yarn that constitutes the filter cloth, such as fiber, it can be divided into monofilament, multifilament and staple fiber. The filter cloth made of monofilament is not easy to block and has good cake unloading function. Multifilament yarn filter cloth is characterized by high tensile strength, good unloading function and good regeneration function. The nail cloth has excellent particle retention function and can provide excellent sealing function. What are the weaving methods for filter cloth of filter press? Now we can follow the brief to understand.


  1. Plain weave: the method of weaving filter cloth of plain weave filter press cloth is to make each weft alternately float above each warp, and then sink below another warp. The woven filter cloth has square or rectangular mesh with little deformation. The size of the mesh is limited by the diameter of the thread or the number of yarns per unit length


  1. Twill: the weaving method of the filter cloth of the twill weave filter press cloth is that each weft alternately floats above the two warp lines and then sinks below the two warp lines, resulting in a large deformation of the filter cloth. When the filter cloth uses long multifilament as warp and weft lines, the mesh is irregular.


  1. Satin: the satin fabric filter cloth is woven by alternating weft (or warp) threads, which float above several warp (or weft) threads, and then sink below one warp (or weft).


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