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What are the widely used materials of air filter?

March 31,2022

At present, the widely used materials of the filter include glass fiber, polypropylene fiber, polyester fiber, plant fiber and so on. The medium material of the filter shall be able to effectively intercept dust particles without forming too much resistance to the air flow. The disorderly interwoven fibers form countless barriers to particles, and the wide space between the fibers allows the air flow to pass smoothly.


According to the motion law of dust impacting the filter medium, the SFFILECH supplier of air filter divides the common filtration mechanism into inertia principle, diffusion principle and electrostatic force. There are many types of air filters: biostatic treated filters, pre-filtration air filter, bag filter and compact filters, EPA hepa and ulpa filters, special application filter, filtration equipment. Mini-pleated heap and ulpa filters are high efficiency panel filters.China mini-pleated heap and ulpa filter supplierattaches great importance to the health of Chinese people and makes very good air filters.


Large particle dust makes inertial movement in the air flow. The airflow bypasses the obstacle, and the dust deviates from the airflow direction due to inertia and hits the obstacle. The larger the particle, the stronger the inertial force, and the greater the possibility of hitting the obstacle, so the better the filtering effect. Small particles of dust make irregular Brownian motion. The smaller the dust, the more intense the irregular movement, and the more chances of hitting obstacles, so the better the filtering effect.


The small particle dust in the air mainly moves in Brownian motion. The smaller the particle is, the higher the efficiency of the filter is; large particle dust mainly makes inertial movement. The larger the particle is, the higher the efficiency of the filter is. The part of dust whose diffusion and inertia effects are not obvious is the most difficult to filter. For the performance of the filter, the efficiency value of the lowest filtration efficiency is the most representative.


If the filter material has static electricity or dust has static electricity, the filtering effect can be significantly improved. There are two main reasons: static electricity makes dust change its trajectory and hit obstacles; Electrostatic force makes the dust stick more firmly on the medium.


Filter resistance the captured dust will produce additional resistance to the air flow, and the resistance of the filter will gradually increase during use. The captured dust is integrated with the filter medium to form additional obstacles, so the filtration efficiency of the filter in use will also be improved. Most of the captured dust is concentrated on the windward side of the filter material.


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