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What filter bag is good for coal-fired power plants?

September 23,2022

Sffiltech PTFE needle felt, PTFE needle felt filter bag and PTFE filter bag are widely used in urban waste incineration dust collection, chemical dust removal and other harsh working conditions. It can resist acid, alkali and any corrosive gas, with high filtration, and is an ideal garbage incineration dedusting bag.

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technical parameter

Product name SFFILTECH PTFE needle felt filter bag
Fiber PTFE
Base cloth PTFE
Square gram weight 750g/m2
Thickness 1.1mm
Density 0.68g/cm3
Air permeability 90L/㎡· s
Breaking strength – longitudinal ≥ 450N/5cm
Breaking strength – transverse ≥ 450N/5cm
Elongation @ 200N/5cm – longitudinal < 5%
Elongation @ 200N/5cm – transverse < 5%
Heat shrinkable @ 150degC, 90min 2%
Bursting strength > 300N/cm2
Continuous working temperature 260 ℃
Purpose Dust removal

The filter bag of PPS+PTFE fiber+PTFE based cloth coal-fired power plant has the following characteristics:
1. The continuous working temperature can reach 190 ℃, and the instantaneous temperature is 220 ℃.
2. It can be used when the oxygen content is lower than 16% (but the temperature should be controlled within an appropriate range).
3. Excellent hydrolysis resistance and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, PH value range 1-14.
4. The filtering wind speed can be 1-1.5m/min, so as to reduce the equipment volume and equipment cost.

PTFE needle punched felt filter bag is made of PTFE fiber+PTFE base cloth, without adding any raw materials and additives, and does not change the original characteristics of PTFE. The needle punched felt and PTFE microporous film are coated by the hot film covering process. The surface is smooth, the dust peeling strength is high, the dust is easy to clean, and the filtration efficiency is 99.99%. At the same time, the product has chemical stability and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in power, waste incineration, urban waste dust collection, chemical dust removal and other harsh working conditions.Factory Price PTFE filter bags. Contact Us Now!

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