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What filter bags can be used in the food industry?

November 19,2022

Food grade filter bags are mainly used to filter mineral water, beer, Baijiu, milk, fruit juice and other liquids. They have a very good filtering effect for particulate impurities and micro suspended solids in liquids. And powder used for flour.

For liquid food, the following liquid filter bags are available:

1. PP filter bag: made of polypropylene; Acid, alkali and corrosion resistance; Temperature resistance 80 ℃; Health grade application; 0.5-200um accuracy.

2. PE filter bag: made of polyester; Polyester filament fiber; Good mechanical strength; The food grade filter bag can withstand 120 ℃; Food grade application; 0.5-200um accuracy.

3. NMO filter bag: made of nylon; Temperature resistance 120 ℃; Good deformation resistance and wear resistance; It can be cleaned repeatedly; 500 mesh – 20 mesh accuracy.

4. SS stainless steel filter bag: the food grade filter bag is made of S30408/31603 stainless steel; Temperature resistance 120-150 ℃; It can be cleaned repeatedly; 300 mesh – 40 mesh accuracy.

5. PTFE filter bag: PTFE; Acid, alkali and corrosion resistance; Temperature resistance: 150 ℃; 1-50um accuracy.

For powder food, it is mainlypolyester anti-static filter bag.

Polyester anti-static filter bag can meet the requirements of powder filtration, while the use cost is the lowest. Most of the raw materials used are interwoven polyester staple fibers. The filter material has large pore density, small pore diameter and uniformly distributed micropores. The coated polyester anti-static filter bag is characterized by high strength, good elastic recovery, stable fabric size, good performance, large porosity, good air permeability, long service life, good filter effect, good mechanical performance and performance at room temperature (below 130 ℃). It is an ideal choice to add conductive fiber to needle punched felt warp yarn for dust explosion protection.

The bag can be made into cylindrical or flat shape.

The above is about some food filter bags. If you need to purchase filter bags, please consult SFFILTECHfilter bag manufacturerand dealer.

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