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What filter cartridge is good for dairy products?

November 11,2022

To select filter cartridges and other equipment for food, the most important thing is to meet the requirements of food grade.

During the filtration process of dairy products, filter cartridges are often used for pre filtration, clarification and sterilization.

1. LFP series efficient and economical filter cartridges —filter cartridges for dairy products pre filtration. The PP filter element has passed the NSF certification of the American authority. It uses imported polypropylene membrane. The characteristics of high flow rate and high pollutant absorption make it the most economical pre filter element. It is widely used in the pre filtration of bottle washing water, dilution water and other process water in the dairy industry.

2. LFPF series filter cartridges with long service life and high sewage capacity —filter cartridges for milk clarification filtration. Multilayer PP series filter cartridges are made of imported polypropylene membrane, with a gradual pore size structure design, which can intercept particles by stages. The characteristics of high flow rate and high sewage holding capacity make them the most economical pre filter cartridges. The design of multilayer filter membranes makes them suitable for filtering highly suspended particles, viscous and colloidal fluids, especially for the clarification and filtration of materials in the dairy industry.

3. LFS series efficient sterilizing filter element — filter element for dairy products. ThePES filter element used for dairy productsadopts imported asymmetric PES membrane, which has high throughput and low protein adsorption performance. The good heat resistance of PES can provide multiple online steam sterilization. The integrity test before leaving the factory ensures the high quality of the product. It is widely used for terminal sterilization and filtration of dairy product material solutions, flavor material solutions and process water.

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