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What filtration grade does the g4 filter cotton belong to?

March 31,2023

SFFILTECH g4 filter cotton is a filter material used in air purification products, which belongs to the primary purification grade. Its filtration efficiency is about 20% – 30%, which can filter out coarse particles such as dust and hair in the air, but it is powerless for small particles, bacteria and viruses. In other words, its filtering level is low.

What pollutants can SFFITECH g4 filter cotton filter?

SFFILTECH g4 filter cotton is mainly used to filter coarse particles in the air, such as dust, dust, pollen, fluff, etc. It can also filter large particles of smoke and dust in the air, car dust, and pet hair. However, it cannot filter harmful gases such as bacteria, viruses, and formaldehyde in the air.

How to judge the quality of SFFILTECH g4 filter cotton?

Judging the quality of SFFILTECH g4 filter cotton requires comprehensive consideration from the following aspects:

1. Filter element thickness: good g4 filter cotton has a larger thickness, and the filter material is more detailed;
2. Material purity: The filter cotton material has a high purity and will not release harmful chemicals to the human body;
3. Filtration efficiency: The filtration efficiency of g4 filter cotton produced by regular manufacturers is guaranteed;
4. Air permeability: g4 filter cotton with holes in the head can better maintain air permeability and increase filtering efficiency.

What is the difference between SFILTECH g4 filter cotton and other filter materials?

As a primary filter in SFFILTECH air purifiers, SFFILTECH g4 filter cotton is a relatively simple filter material. Compared to other filter materials such as HEPA high-efficiency filter screen and activated carbon filter, its filtration efficiency is relatively low, and it can only filter large particles. HEPA high-efficiency filter screens can filter 99.97% of fine particles and bacteria in the air. Activated carbon filters can remove harmful gases and odors. Therefore, the selection of suitable filter materials needs to be determined based on the actual situation.

What is the replacement cycle of SFFILTECH g4 filter cotton?

The replacement cycle of SFFILTECH g4 filter cotton needs to be determined based on the usage of the air purifier. Generally speaking, if the operating time of the air purifier is relatively long, the replacement cycle will be relatively short. If the concentration of pollutants in the environment is high or the use time is long, the replacement cycle also needs to be shortened. Generally speaking, the replacement cycle is recommended to be around 3-6 months. If it is found that there is a significant increase in dust on the surface of the g4 filter cotton, or if it has been used for more than half a year, it is recommended to replace it in a timely manner to avoid reducing the filtering efficiency and the quality of clean air.

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