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What is 100000 level filter and filtration process

September 17,2022

The 100000 level filter is generally used for 100000 level purification sites, clean sites and clean sites, and is also applicable to industries such as electronics, medicine, precision machinery, optics and plastics that need 100000 level purification. At present, the purification standard of 100000 level purification plants, cleaning plants, cleaning plants and purification projects with more industrial production is100000 level filtration.

The purification standard of this filter is dust particles above 0.5 micron, and the air supply times of 100000 level filter are more than 15 times per hour. At present, many clean rooms use this filter.

Filter flow of 100000 level filter

The working process is as follows: air flow — primary effect purification — air conditioning — medium effect purification — fan air supply — Piping — high efficiency purification outlet — entering the room — taking away particles such as dust and bacteria — return air shutter — primary effect purification.

Main performance characteristics of 100000 grade filter

1. Efficiency: sub efficiency, high efficiency and super efficiency

2. Diameter of air outlet: 10 “(250mm), 12” (300mm), 14 “(350mm)

3. External pasting of box: 12.5mm thick

4. Grade: B1;

5. Closed structure to avoid side leakage in use;

6. Small size, light weight, convenient handling and installation

7. Usually, the equipment is installed on the ceiling keel or color steel plate ceiling;

8. After the installation is completed, it is required to blow in the room and install it after meeting certain requirements

9. In order to ensure the service life of the filter, it is recommended to conduct proper pre filtration before the air enters.

The above briefly describes the knowledge points of 100000 level filters. It is very important for operators on the cleaner production site to understand the knowledge points of this filter equipment
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