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What is FMS filter bag?

August 31,2022

FMS filter bagbelongs tohigh-temperature filter bag, and its working condition is similar to that ofglass fiber filter bag. However, compared with glass fiber filter bag, the wear resistance, bending resistance and peeling strength of FMS filter bag are significantly improved. Compared with chemical fiber filter material, it overcomes the weakness of chemical fiber filter material’s elongation and shape, and has good dimensional stability. At the same time, compared with Nomex membrane filter material, the cost is slightly lower. It is an ideal high-temperature resistant filter material, which is welcomed by users.
On the basis of glass fiber needled felt, the P84 fiber is added to the FMS filter bag to make the felt layer more compact, and the winding between the fibers is strengthened, which can cope with higher filtration wind speed. P84 fiber has a three leaf cross-section, which forms a high surface area coefficient and increases the dust collection probability. Moreover, the special cross-sectional shape of the fiber makes most of the dust concentrated on the surface of the filter material, which is difficult to penetrate into the filter material to block the gap, reduce the running resistance and thus improve the filtration air speed.
Advantages of FMS filter bag
1. Excellent temperature resistance, up to 260 degrees
2. Wear resistance, bending resistance and folding resistance are more excellent
3. The mechanical strength is significantly improved
4. Reduction of initial resistance and running resistance
5. Improvement of filtration efficiency
6. The filtering wind speed is increased, and the service life is significantly improved
7. improved adaptability to dust

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