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What is FMS filter bag?

April 22,2022

FMS filter bag is a high temperature filter material made of two or more kinds of fiber mixing and layer strong composite needling, and has three dimensional pore forming.


The advantages of FMS filter bag are that it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and folding resistance. After different surface chemical treatment and finishing technologies, it is easy to remove ash, waterproof and oil proof. Compared with glass fiber needle felt, the folding resistance and peeling performance of flumes (FMS) dust removal cloth bag are significantly improved, which can bear the capture of high air volume and high concentration dust. Compared with other synthetic fiber filter materials, the cloth bag of flumes dust collector overcomes the characteristics of large elongation and low temperature resistance of other chemical fibers, and the price is cheaper than other filter materials. We have to choose high quality FMS filter bag, and also choose the leadingFMS filter bag manufacturer.


Features of FMS dust removal filter bag:

  1. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and bending resistance;
  2. Easy to remove ash;
  3. Suitable for 200 ° C-300 ° C working environment;
  4. The filtration efficiency reaches more than 99.99%, and almost zero emission is achieved.


FMS dust removal cloth filter bag takes alkali free glass fiber as the processing base cloth, the surface layer is mixed with P84 or other high-temperature resistant fibers, needle punched into felt, and the surface is coated with PTFE. It can be applied to the working environment of 200 ° C-300 ° C, especially in the high-temperature and complex environment containing corrosive gases such as cement rotary kiln head and tail, shaft kiln tail, high furnace gas purification, ferroalloy smelting furnace and waste incinerator.


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