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What is NMO Filter Bag Precision Filtration

November 30,2023

NMO Filter Bag, full name Nylon Monofilament Mesh Filter Bag, is a nylon monofilament woven filter bag, with excellent precision filtration performance, suitable for a variety of industrial filtration applications.

NMO Filter Bag Features and benefits:

Corrosion resistance and wear resistance: Nylon material, with excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, suitable for the treatment of different properties of liquids.

High efficiency particulate filtration: The single filament braided structure of the NMO filter bag provides a high particle trapping efficiency, effectively filtering small particles and ensuring liquid clarity.

Wide adaptability: Different filtration accuracy and specifications can be selected according to different filtration requirements, suitable for liquid filtration, particle trapping and other scenarios.

High temperature resistance: Some NMO filter bags have good high temperature resistance and are suitable for high temperature process environment.

Reusable: NMO filter bags can be cleaned and reused according to the situation, extending the service life and reducing the cost.

NMO filter bag application field:

Chemical industry: Used in the production of liquid chemicals to ensure product purity.

Food and beverage industry: suitable for clarification and particulate filtration of fruit juice, alcohol, beverages, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical process, to ensure the purity and quality of the liquid medicine.

Electronics industry: Used in processes such as semiconductor manufacturing where cleanliness is required.

Water treatment: Used in industrial water treatment to remove small particles and impurities from water.

Due to its precision filtration performance and wide applicability, NMO filter bags are one of the common filtration solutions in the industrial sector, ensuring the quality and purity of liquids during production and processing.

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