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What is PP filter bag and its characteristics?

April 18,2022

Brief description of PP filter bag:


The industrial standard polypropylene (PP) non-woven material filter bag is treated on one side to prevent fiber free. It belongs to the type of deep filter medium. The filter bag is produced by high-speed industrial sewing machine without silicone oil cooling, which will not cause silicone oil pollution. All filter bags are sewn firmly. After processing, the ring mouth is placed in the container, which forms a tight seal with the unique design of the filter.


Characteristics of PP filter bag:


  1. All use sanitary filter materials that meet the requirements of FDA, without silicon pollution
  2. 0.2 ~ 200 μ m accuracy range, nominal accuracy
  3. Extensive chemical compatibility of filter materials
  4. The surface of the filter material is treated with professional anti fiber free and smooth treatment
  5. Deep filtration structure, large slag interception and long service life
  6. The best replacement differential pressure is 0. 10 MPa, the maximum shall not exceed 0. 16 MPa


Structural features of PP filter bag:


The filter material forms a three-dimensional, highly fluffy, three-dimensional depth and tortuous filter layer, which is characterized by loose fiber tissue and high rate of increasing the capacity of impurities. This kind of fiber material belongs to the compound closure mode, which can effectively remove solid and soft particles, that is, large particle impurities are intercepted on the fiber surface, while fine particles are captured in the deep layer of the filter material to ensure that they will not be damaged due to pressure increase during use, Therefore, it has high filtration efficiency. In addition, the high-temperature surface heat treatment, i.e. the application of instantaneous sintering technology / calendering treatment, can effectively prevent the loss of fiber due to the high-speed impact of liquid during filtration, which not only ensures that there is no filtrate pollution caused by fiber separation, but also avoids the excessive blockage of filter hole caused by traditional rolling treatment and shortens theservice life of pp filter bag. At the same time, the pressure difference is small and does not affect the flow rate.


PP filter bag specification:


Filter bag size diameter length maximum flow water m3 / h filter area m2 volume L
01# 7” (180mm) 17”(450mm) 20 0.25 8
02# 7” (180mm) 32”(810mm) 40 0.5 17
03# 4” (108mm) 9”(230mm) 6 0.09 1.3
04# 4” (108mm) 15”(380mm) 12 0.16 2.5
05# 6” (152mm) 20”(520mm) 12 0.18 8


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