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What is a capsule filter?

July 20,2023

Capsule filter is a type of filter mainly used in fields such as medicine, chemical industry, electronics, bioengineering, cosmetics, food, and beverages.

It can also be called a bag filter element and has no toxicity.

The filtering medium used for capsule filters with different characteristics is also different. The common SFFILTECH capsule filter uses hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane, suitable for filtering solvents and corrosive solutions, as well as filtering air and gas through ventilation ports.

The SFFILTECH capsule filter also uses hydrophilic polypropylene (PP) membrane as a pre filter for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, as well as ink filtration. Suitable for filtering aqueous solutions and solvent samples.

There are also SFFILTECH capsule filters that use nylon membranes, which have the characteristics of fast flow rate and low extractable level. And pre filtration media containing glass fibers can be selected to extend the service life of the nylon membrane, suitable for filtration treatment of larger volume samples and difficult to filter samples.

Capsule filter features:

Steam or ETO pressurized heating can be used for disinfection;

Hydrophobic polypropylene film and polypropylene shell corrosion resistance;

Durable, low pressure differential, high flow flux, and long service life of bag filters;Widely applicable.

In addition, the capsule filter comes in various shapes and sizes of interface forms (threads, hoses, pagodas, buckles, etc.), which can meet various conversion joints; and filter membrane. It adopts a unique stacked structure and utilizes the working principle of a circular flow channel. Compared with conventional filters, its residual volume and particle shedding are the lowest. Connect the hoses to the inlet and outlet respectively, open the exhaust ports at the top, pay attention to the fluid direction, and pass in the filtrate. When the filtrate fills the filter and all the air is squeezed out, tighten the exhaust ports of the bag filter. After the filtering process is completed, open the exhaust ports at the bottom of the filter to discharge the remaining filtered liquid.

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