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What is a fiberglass folding filter cartridge?

December 20,2023

Fiberglass folding filter cartridge is widely used in various industrial filtration fields, such as water treatment, chemical production, lubricating oil and cooling water filtration in the power industry, solvent and media filtration in the pharmaceutical industry, etc.,

Fiberglass folding filter cartridge has the following characteristics and advantages:

Efficient filtration: Fiberglass paper has a microporous structure that effectively captures tiny particles and suspended solids, ensuring fluid purity.

Folding design: The folding structure increases the filter area, so that the filter element can handle greater flow at the same size, extending the replacement cycle.

High temperature resistance: Glass fiber material has good high temperature resistance and is suitable for filtration needs in high temperature environment.

Chemical stability: The material has good stability to a variety of chemical substances, is not easy to be corroded, and is suitable for filtering a variety of liquids.

Low pressure loss: The optimized flow path design reduces the pressure loss of the fluid during the filtration process, saving energy and reducing operating costs.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Fiberglass is a recyclable material, and the use of fiberglass folding filters cartridge helps to reduce waste generation, in line with the principles of sustainable development.

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