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What is a filter bag used for?

January 07,2023

To see the purpose of a filter bag, it is necessary to classify the filter bags first, generally according to the two categories of dust collection and liquid, and then to subdivide the filter bag according to the material to confirm what can be used for a filter bag?

Liquid filter bag:

The ring mouth of liquid filter bag can be divided into stainless steel ring mouth, P ring mouth and PE plastic ring mouth, including various bag bottom and top designs.

There is also a liquid filter bag, which has the following advantages:
1. Even after the improvement of the seam of the bag mouth, there is still no high protrusion, leading to the occurrence of side leakage.

2. The filter bag is produced by high-speed industrial sewing machine without silicon oil cooling. This production mode will not produce silicon oil pollution.

3. The filtering precision of the filter bag ranges from 0.5 to 300 microns. Its materials are divided into polyester and polypropylene nylon.

4. The labels marked with product specifications and models on the filter bag are all easy to replace, so as to prevent the pollution of the label and ink on the filtrate during the use of the filter bag.

5. Stainless steel welding technology. Make the diameter error of filter bag less than 0.5mm and the horizontal error less than 0.2mm. Its installation in the equipment can improve the sealing degree and reduce the probability of side leakage.

What is a liquid filter bag used for?

Liquid filter bag products can be used to filter general industrial liquids, such as electroplating paint, ink, food, chemical and other chemical solutions. Acid resistance and high fiber mechanical strength can also be used repeatedly.

Dust collection filter bag:

Dust collection filter bag refers to the cloth filter bag matched in the bag type dust remover, which is a filter bag made of dust collection cloth. At present, no matter what form of filter bag is, strict requirements have been formulated for atmospheric emissions. In life, filter bag is one of the ideal dust removal methods widely used. The dust collection bag is called the heart of the bag type dust remover and plays a key role in the dust collection effect. The quality of the filter bag also determines the quality of the filter bag. The production process and quality of bags are also important factors affecting filtration. It is not difficult to understand that poor filter bags lead to powder leakage. Therefore, when selecting filter bags, you must make appropriate choices according to your own needs.

What is a dust collection filter bag used for?

The dust collection filter bag will produce a large amount of dust in the production process of thermal power generation, steel, and cement industries, thus causing serious pollution to the atmosphere.

SFFILTECH filter bag manufacturers can provide dust collection filter bags, liquid filter bags, filter bags with regular size, or customize filter bags with different sizes and materials.

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