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What is a filtration bag?

January 18,2023

There are two types of filtration bags, one dust collection filtration bag and one liquid filtration bag.

What is dust collection filtration bag?

The filtration bag is made of non-woven needled felt or woven cloth of different materials, which is used inside the dust collector to filter dust. However, the shape and nature of the dust and the use environment determine the difference of the cloth. The cloth has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, dew prevention, etc. The filtration bag of dust collector is the core accessory responsible for filtering dust in the equipment. The shape of cloth used varies according to the different use environment.

At present, the circle is the most common in use, and is generally used for pulse bag filter and PL single machine, pulse, MC, long pulse, etc. There is also a flat shape, which is generally used in ZC mechanical rotary back blowing dust removal equipment and flat bag dust collector. With the increase of filtration time, more and more dust will be attached to the inner surface of the filtration bag, and the resistance will also increase or increase, which will affect the dust removal effect. After pulse, mechanical rapping, back blowing and other dust removal methods, the dust will fall from the filtration bag table and fall to the ash hopper or ash storage bin.

Filtration bags classified by temperature

1、 Normal temperature filtration bag:

The normal temperature filtration bag is mainly made of polyester, polypropylene, acrylic and other fibers through non-woven and textile processes. It has excellent properties such as good permeability, smooth surface, good dimensional stability, and easy to peel off dust. It is mainly used for dust removal in industries with dust pollution in general industrial enterprises and the treatment of ambient temperature flue gas;

2、 Medium temperature filtration bag:

At present, the more common medium-temperature filter materials are aramid fiber and PPS series fiber, which are treated by soaking, waterproof, oil-proof and anti-corrosion processes to achieve ideal results;

3、 High temperature filtration bag:

High-temperature filtration bag is mainly made of high-temperature resistant fibers such as P84, expanded glass fiber and ultra-fine glass fiber through textile and non-woven processing. It is characterized by good thermal stability, high filtration efficiency and long service life. It is mainly used for dust removal under various high-temperature flue gas conditions.

What is a liquid filtration bag?

Liquid filtration bag is a filtering device. As a filtering element, the filtration bag is a key link in the filtering process. The quality of the filtration bag determines the filtering effect of the user to a large extent.

The filtrate filtering surface of the liquid filtration bag is treated by special singeing, which can effectively prevent the fiber from polluting the filtrate, and avoid the excessive clogging of the filter hole caused by the traditional rolling treatment and shorten the service life of the filtration bag. All raw materials are pure white, without any special bleaching and dyeing treatment, and fully comply with environmental protection standards. Moreover, due to the three-dimensional filter layer of needled felt, when the liquid flows through the filtration bag, particles will stay on the inner wall surface and deep layer of the liquid filtration bag due to the deep filtration mechanism, and have high capture efficiency for solid or colloidal particles. The uniform thickness, stable opening rate and sufficient strength of the needle felt make the efficiency of the filtration bag stable and the service time longer. The tightest sewing of five-thread double-needle ensures that each liquid filtration bag can achieve the best filtering guarantee. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for liquid filtration in various industries.

Material of liquid filtration bag

Material: polypropylene (PP), polyester (PE) ring mouth: stainless steel, galvanized, nylon, PP, PE
Process: sewing, hot-melt welding accuracy: 1.0~300um
Size: 1#( φ 180*420mm)
2#( φ 180*810mm)
3#( φ 105*230mm)
4#( φ 105*380mm)
5# ( φ 150 * 520mm) Y series( φ 202 * 330mm) and other non-standard dimensions

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