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What is a foldable filter housing?

November 20,2023

Folding cartridge filters are widely used because of their efficient filtration performance and diverse application fields.

Its compact design and replaceable features make maintenance easier and make it an important part of the industrial filtration field.

Folding filter Features:

Folding filter cartridge design: multi-layer folding structure is adopted to increase the filtration area and improve the filtration efficiency.

Filter material selection: The use of different materials, such as polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), glass fiber, etc., to adapt to different filtration needs.

Internal and external support: there are usually two kinds of internal and external support structures, the internal support is a metal or plastic skeleton, the external support is the use of non-woven fabric or synthetic fiber materials.

Compact design: Due to the folding design, the folding filter can accommodate more filter material in the same length than the traditional tube filter, making the device more compact.

Folding filter housing working principle:

Filtration process: When the fluid passes through the folded filter cartridge, it is trapped by the multi-layer folded filter material, and solid particles, impurities and microorganisms are blocked inside the filter cartridge.

Efficient solid-liquid separation: Due to the large surface area and the precision filter material, the folding filter cartridge enables efficient solid-liquid separation, retaining the required substance.

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