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What is a food grade liquid filter

December 01,2023

What is a food grade liquid filter

Food grade liquid filtershousing are filtration equipment designed for the food and beverage industry, whose main purpose is to ensure the purity of liquid products in the production process to meet food hygiene and safety standards.

Food grade Liquid Filter housing Features:

Material selection: Use certified materials that comply with FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and European food regulations to ensure no contamination of liquid products.

Efficient filtration: Food grade liquid filters usually use microporous filtration technology to efficiently filter small particles, impurities and microorganisms to ensure the cleanliness of the liquid product.

Corrosion resistance: Anti-food acid and alkali properties, corrosion resistance, to ensure that the filter itself will not release harmful substances.

Easy to clean and replace: the design is simple, easy to disassemble and clean, as well as replace the filter element, to maintain the stable operation of the equipment.

Compliance with hygiene standards: These filters usually meet hygiene standards, such as the 3A hygiene standard, ensuring hygiene and safety in food production.

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