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What is a high flow filter cartridge?

January 12,2022


Large flow of single filter cartridge

Low installation cost and low operation cost

Small number of filter cartridge replacement

1 micron absolute filtration accuracy

High quality special FDA filter material

In and out filtration, all impurities are intercepted in the filter cartridge

There is no metal skeleton to minimize the loss caused by discarding

U-shaped sealing groove ensures high filtration efficiency


Micro-filtration theory


The driving force of the microporous membrane filtration process of the large flow filter cartridge (i.e. the pressure applied to the filtered fluid) enables the fluid to realize filtration. Taking liquid filtration as an example, the liquid and small particles (solutes) are collected through the membrane, and the suspended particles are intercepted by the membrane and collected as concentrated intercepts. The mechanism of particle interception depends on the properties of the membrane (physical and chemical) and the nature of the interaction between the membrane and particles. When the pore size of the membrane is smaller than the size of suspended particles, the particles are blocked by their geometry, cannot enter or pass through the membrane, and are separated from the permeate. This separation mechanism is called surface filtration or sieve filtration mechanism.


If the pore size of the membrane is larger than the particle size, in this case, the particles can enter the membrane pore. When it contacts and adheres to the pore wall, they will be filtered out. Because this filtration occurs in the membrane, this separation mechanism is called deep filtration mechanism.


The microfiltration process of large flow filter cartridge can be divided into two processes: parallel flow and cross flow according to the flow direction of main liquid and penetrating liquid on both sides of the membrane. In the laboratory, filter paper and funnel are used to share sediment and solution. The separated main suspension is separated through filter paper under its own static pressure or vacuum on the liquid side. At this time, the main liquid and the penetrating liquid flow in parallel, this is called parallel microfiltration. In parallel microfiltration, the particles intercepted by the membrane accumulate into a filter cake layer over time. If a deep filter membrane is used, the trapped particles will accumulate in the holes in the membrane. If a surface filter membrane is used, the trapped particles will accumulate in the holes in the membrane. If a surface filter membrane is used, the trapped particles will accumulate on the membrane surface. In both cases, the filtration resistance will increase. When the filtration is carried out under constant pressure, if it is carried out under the condition of constant flux, the pressure drop on both sides of the membrane will increase. Therefore, parallel flow microfiltration must periodically remove the particles accumulated on the membrane or replace the membrane, so the microfiltration process is an intermittent operation process.


When the main suspension flows tangentially with the membrane surface, the particles in the main suspension are intercepted by the membrane, and the permeate flows out through the membrane perpendicular to the membrane surface. This process is called cross flow microfiltration, sometimes called tangent microfiltration. The particles intercepted by the membrane form a filter cake layer on the membrane surface. Because the main liquid driven by pressure is tangent to the membrane surface to produce high shear force, the filter cake particles on the membrane surface can be removed, so the filter cake layer is thin. The cross flow configuration of micro-filtration is effective in controlling concentration polarization and filter cake layer accumulation. Therefore, high flux can be maintained for long-time operation.


Replacement method:

Replacement method of pre-tertiary filter cartridge:

Water usually overflows during this process. Please prepare cleaning appliances such as water basin or towel:

  1. a) Turn off electroplating ball valve and pressure barrel ball valve;
  2. b) Open the gooseneck faucet to drain the residual water in the pipeline;
  3. c) When the water no longer flows out, open the filter housing with filter cartridge with filter housing wrench;
  4. d) Take out the old high flow filter cartridge and install a new filter cartridge of the same specification;
  5. e) Coat the black “O” ring above the filter housing with lubricant, and then put the “O” ring into the groove in the filter housing.
  6. f) Tighten the filter housing vertically to avoid displacement of the “O” ring.
  7. g) Open the electroplating ball valve and pressure barrel ball valve


What are the advantages of high flow filter cartridge and how to choose it?


There are many styles and models of high flow melt blown filter cartridge. Next, we mainly introduce the relevant information of a high flow filter cartridge, mainly from the design, technology and flux, and more importantly, its ultra long service life.


  1. Horizontal pleating design and technology:


As the core filter unit of the large flow filtration system, the large flow filter cartridge adopts the horizontal folding technology to maximize the area of the filter medium in a limited space. At the same time, the folding technology can ensure that when the fluid passes through the filter cartridge, each filter medium per unit area passes through, so as to ensure that the filter medium area is completely converted into an effective filter area.


  1. Flux exceeding 20 times of conventional filter cartridge:


The flow direction of the outside and the inside is smooth, and the inner diameter of the filter cartridge is 3 inches, so that the maximum flow of a single filter cartridge can reach 110 tons / hour.


  1. Absolute filtering accuracy:


The claimed accuracy and filtration efficiency of the high flow filter cartridge is 99.9% at 5 microns. During the test of the filter cartridge, the filtration efficiency of 5 microns is greater than 99.9%, and the filtration efficiency of 3 microns of particle impurities is also more than 99.5%.


  1. Ultra long life filter cartridge


For the traditional filter cartridge, it is often impossible to find an optimal balance between high filtration efficiency, high impurity holding capacity (dirt holding capacity) and service life. That is, if the product filtration efficiency is high, its pollution holding capacity and service life may often be short, otherwise. Due to its own technical advantages and unique design, the large flow filter cartridge has well balanced the relationship among filtration efficiency, pollution capacity and service life, achieved 99.9% absolute filtration efficiency, and the pollution capacity of a single filter cartridge reaches 15kg.

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