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What is a pleated filter bag Star filter bag?

October 27,2023

Pleated filter bag is a commonly used filter bag type, also plus star filter bag, it is composed of a series of folded folds, usually made of polyester fiber, polypropylene fiber, glass fiber and other high-strength fiber materials.

This filter bag has the following characteristics:

Larger filter area: Compared to traditional filter bags, pleated filter bags are able to provide a larger filter area due to their folded design, thus capturing contaminants more efficiently.

Longer service life: Pleated filter bags have more folds, so they can withstand more pressure and have a longer life than traditional filter bags.

Better filtration effect: The surface area of the pleated filter bag is larger, which can better capture small particles, making the filtration effect better.

Easier to replace: the pleated filter bag is simple and convenient to use, and only needs to remove the old filter bag and insert the new filter bag when replacing it.

Folding filter bag is widely used in chemical, food, medicine, water treatment and other fields of gas and liquid filtration.

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