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What is a pulse filter bag?

April 14,2023

SFFILTECH filter bag is one of the essential accessories on filtration equipment, commonly referred to as: dust collection filter bag, dust removal bag, filter bag, filter bag, dust collection bag, dust collector filter bag, filter cloth bag. SFFILTECH filter bag is generally a cylindrical filter bag vertically suspended in the dust collector.

SFFILTECH pulse filter bag is mainly used for pulse dust collectors. SFFILTECH filter bag is the core component of the entire dust collector, also known as pulse bag dust collector filter bag. The filter bag used for dust collectors is a pulse type dust collector filter bag. SFFILTECH pulse filter bag is a filtering equipment that cleans the filter bag through pulse airflow, widely used to intercept small, dry, and non fibrous dust. Its working principle is: a airflow is formed inside the filter bag, and when smoke passes through the filter bag, solid particles are filtered, while gas is discharged through the filter bag. When the particulate matter in the filter bag accumulates to a certain extent, the filter bag needs to be cleaned. At this point, a certain pulse airflow is sprayed into the filter bag through the air source, causing the dust particles inside the filter bag to be shaken off, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning the filter bag.

The quality of SFFILTECH filter bags directly affects the dust collection efficiency of the dust collector, and the lifespan of the filter bags directly affects the operating cost of the dust collector. Therefore, the quality and correct selection of pulse filter bags are very important, and pulse filter bags can be called the heart of dust collectors. Select filter bags (dust removal filter bags) from the following aspects: gas temperature, humidity, and chemical properties; Particle size; Dust concentration; Filtering wind speed; Comprehensive consideration of factors such as dust removal methods.

The size of SFFILTECH pulse jet bag filter bag and the specification range of SFFILTECH pulse dust collector filter bag diameter are φ 120-165mm, of which the most commonly used filter bag size for tube spraying is φ 133mm and φ There are two types of 160mm. The size of the filter bag most commonly used in single pulse bag dust collectors φ 133*2000mm、 φ 133*2500mm、 φ 133*3000mm、 φ 133*3500mm、 φ 133*4000mm。 The commonly used filter bag size for large offline dust removal pulse dust collectors is φ 160*5000mm、 φ 160*5500mm、 φ 160*6000mm、 φ 160*6500mm、 φ 160*7000mm、 φ 160*7500mm、 φ 160 * 8000mm, etc.

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