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What is a pulse filter cartridge dust collector?

May 26,2023

Pulse filter cartridge dust collector is a new type ofdust collection equipmentthat is improved on the basis of bag dust collection equipment. It adopts a pulse automatic back blowing cleaning system, automatic or manual unloading valve, and high-tech control systems such as bypass valves and electric heating are installed in necessary places to ensure work efficiency. Practice has proven that the pulse filter cartridge dust collector has the advantages of low investment, small footprint, large filtration area, high filtration accuracy, high purification efficiency, low maintenance costs, and reliable use. The recovered dust and smoke can be centrally treated or comprehensively reused, effectively purifying the air and ensuring a working environment.

Maincharacteristics of pulse filter cartridge dust collector:

1.Low pressure difference. Reasonable air inlet design ensures uniform airflow distribution within the body. Under normal circumstances, the pressure drop is only about 300Pa.

2. High filtration efficiency. The filter cartridge filters coal, which is composed of fine fibers and is coated with resin on the outside, with excellent filtration efficiency. The filtration efficiency of fine dust is incomparable to other dust collectors.

3. Reasonable aerodynamic design. Under normal operation, dusty air enters the dust collector through the top or side, and dust particles are easily separated in the downward airflow.

Pulse filter cartridge dust collectors are widely used in various mechanical supporting, central dust collection, automated production equipment, material transportation, polishing, filling, welding, mechanical processing, pharmaceutical, electronic, chemical, building materials, food, plastic, coal and other industries for dust emission.

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