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What is a string wound filter cartridge?

February 25,2022

Thestring wound filter cartridgeis a tubular deep filter cartridge, which is made of textile fiber thread string wound on the porous skeleton according to a specific process. Textile fiber line includes polypropylene fiber line, degreasing cotton line, etc.; the porous skeleton is usually made of polypropylene or stainless steel.


Structural characteristics of string wound filter cartridge


The string wound filter cartridge has a honeycomb structure with sparse outside and dense inside. From outside to inside, the fiber changes from coarse to fine, and the winding aperture changes from large to small. The string wound filter cartridge with this internal dense and external sparse structure can have the depth effect ofdeep filter material, effectively improve the filtration efficiency and intercept more dirty particles.


Accuracy of winding filter cartridge


The filtration accuracy of the string wound filter material is determined by the thickness and winding density of the wire. The thinner the wire, the closer it can lean together, the smaller the pore and the higher the accuracy; similarly, the denser the wire structure, the higher the filtration accuracy. However, in the process of filtration, the filter material must be able to maintain its specific structure and pore size in order to provide stable and uniform filtration quality.


Application of string wound filter cartridge


The string wound filter cartridge can effectively remove the suspended solids and particles in the liquid with low viscosity and low impurities.

Typical applications: coating industry, electronic industry, pharmaceutical and biological products, food and beverage industry, petrochemical industry, etc.

Electronics and power industry: pure water, electroplating solution, printed circuit board, etc.

Chemical and petrochemical industry: acid, alkali, solvent, oral liquid, etc.

Film and photography industry: film production, photographic plate making, etc.

Food industry: food, beverage, drinking water, alcohol, etc.

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