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What is an industrial filter bag?

January 07,2022

Industrial filter bag is also called dust collector cloth bag. Its efficiency, strength, air permeability, dust retention capacity and shelf life are usually called filtration performance. Bag filtration efficiency of dust collector: on the one hand, the filtration efficiency of filter material is related to the structure of filter material; on the other hand, it is related to the dust layer formed in filter material. From the structure of the filter material, the filtration effect of short fiber is greater than that of long fiber. The material of felt filter is higher than that of cloth filter.

Air permeability and resistance of industrial filter bags. Gas permeability refers to the amount of gas passing through the filter material per unit area under differential pressure. The resistance of filter material is directly related to air permeability. As a constant pressure difference for calibrating air permeability, the values vary from country to country. Service life of bag filter of dust collector: the service life of filter material refers to the damage time under the condition of normal use of filter material.

Bag dust capacity dust collector cloth. Dust holding capacity, also known as dust load, refers to the amount of dust accumulated in the filter material per unit area when a given resistance value is reached. The dust-proof ability of the dust collector bag will affect the resistance of the filter material and the cleaning cycle. In order to clean the ash infrequently and increase the life of the filter bag, the filter material is usually required to have greater dust retention capacity.

How to use the filter bag and how to clean the filter bag?

Usage method:

Filter off: the filter bag is used with the combined filter. The fluid pressure of the system is used to squeeze the liquid through the filter bag to achieve the purpose of filtration. It has the advantages of fast flow rate, large processing capacity and long service life of filter bag. It is especially suitable for occasions requiring sealing and large flow.

Open filtration automatic flow: the filter bag is directly connected to the pipeline through a suitable joint and filtered through the differential pressure of the body weight. Its remarkable feature is that it does not need equipment investment, and the filtration is simple and feasible. It is especially suitable for filtering economic liquids from a variety of species in small batches.

Cleaning method of industrial filter bag:

  1. Gas cleaning: gas cleaning is carried out by backwashing the filter bag with high-pressure gas or external atmosphere to remove the dust in the filter bag. Gas cleaning includes pulse spray cleaning, reverse purge cleaning and reverse suction cleaning.


  1. Mechanical tapping and cleaning: it is divided into upper vibration cleaning and central strike cleaning (both for filter bags). It uses a mechanical impact device to press each filter bag regularly to remove the ash bag in the filter


  1. Manual knocking: including manual knocking on each filter bag to remove the dust in the filter bag.


Brief introduction to damage causes of industrial filter bag:

  1. The collected dust hardens in the filter bag due to poor cleaning of the dust collector;
  2. Corrosion caused by condensation of moisture or acid gas;
  3. It cannot burn because the temperature is too high;
  4. Insufficient installation voltage makes the filter bag loose or too tight;
  5. The adjustment of spring tension is incorrect;
  6. Collision and friction contact with adjacent filter bags;
  7. Contact with human body or tools during installation, maintenance and inspection will cause damage;
  8. The selection of wind speed is unreasonable or the filtering load is too large;
  9. The unreasonable design of cleaning parameters makes the resistance of the system too high, which is also one of the reasons for the damage of separation fiber.

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