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What is bag filter housing?

February 11,2023

What is a bag filter housing?
Bag filter housing is a multi-purpose filtering equipment with relatively novel structure, small size, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, airtight operation and strong practicability. And bag filter housing is a new type of filtering system. The inside of bag filter housing is a filter bag supported by metal mesh basket. The liquid flows in from the inlet and flows out from the outlet after being filtered by the filter bag. Impurities are intercepted in the filter bag. After changing the filter bag, it can continue to be used

Operating principle of bag filter housing
Bag filter housing is a kind of pressure filter device, which is mainly composed of filter cylinder, filter cylinder cover, quick-opening structure, stainless steel filter bag reinforcing mesh and other main components. The filtrate flows into the filter bag through the side inlet pipe of the filter shell, while the filter bag itself is installed in the reinforcing mesh. The liquid can penetrate through the filter bag with the required fineness grade to obtain qualified filtrate, and the impurity particles are intercepted by the filter bag, Moreover, the replacement of the filter bag of the belt filter is very convenient, and there is basically no material consumption for filtration

Features of bag filter housing
Bag filter housing has many advantages, such as reasonable structure, good sealing, strong circulation performance, simple operation, etc. Especially, the probability of leakage detection of the filter bag is small, which can correctly guarantee the filtering accuracy, and can also quickly replace the filter bag, which makes the operating cost much lower than others. The internal and external surfaces of the filter are mechanically sandblasted and polished, and the filtering method of the belt filter is in addition to the method of side in and side out, The method of side in and bottom out can also be adopted

Classification and advantages of bag filter housing
Bag filter housing mainly includes the following types: single-bag filter housing, multi-bag filter housing, rocker-arm bag filter housing, high-precision bag filter housing, etc. The filtering accuracy of general filter is within 0.1-1000 μ m. The side leakage probability of bag filter housing is small, which effectively guarantees the filtering quality; It can also bear greater working pressure, with small pressure loss, low operating cost and obvious energy-saving effect; The filter bag has the advantages of large filtration capacity, small volume, large amount of dirt, low price and cost saving

Size and specification of bag filter housing
Bag filter housing is divided into single-bag filter housing and multi-bag filter housing, while multi-bag filter housing is applicable to large-flow filtration. The specifications from 2-bag to 24-bag are relatively complete, and the flange diameter of inlet and outlet is φ 40-450MM, the maximum flow of a single machine is 90-1000m3/h, and the quick-opening design can also be provided. The filter bag replacement is very convenient. It is suitable for places that want to replace the filter bag after a long time. Because of the large volume and heavy weight of the multi-bag filter housing, the addition of a rocker arm device can reduce the labor cost

Precautions for bag filter housing operation
Because the operation of this model is simple and practical, it is only necessary to install the filter bag of fineness grade in the filter cartridge, check whether the O-ring is in good condition, and then tighten the awakening bolt of the filter cartridge cover to put it into operation. After the pump is started, the upper pressure gauge of the filter will rise slightly, and the initial pressure is about 0.05MPa, but the pressure will gradually rise with time. When it rises to 0.4MPa, stop the machine and open the cartridge cover to check the residue of the filter bag

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