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What is dust collector filter bags?

February 11,2023

1. Explain the basic definition of dust bag

The dust collection bag can be called the heart of the bag filter, generally called filter bag, filter bag, dust collection bag, dust collection filter bag, dust collection bag filter, etc. Dust collecting bag is the key component of bag filter in operation. Generally, cylindrical filter bags are hung vertically in the filter.

Dust collector or dust removal equipment is the equipment for separating dust from flue gas. Bag filter, also known as filter filter, is a dry filter and a dust removal device. It uses a bag filter element made of woven fiber to collect solid particles in dusty gas. Its working principle is that when dust particles pass around the fiber of the filter cloth, they are intercepted due to the impact of inertial force and fiber.

In pulse and bellows pulse dust collectors, dust is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag. When the dusty gas passes through the dust collector, the dust is collected on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas enters the filter bag through the filter material. The cage inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag and prevent the collapse of the filter bag. At the same time, it helps redistribute the dust cake.

The fabric and design of dust removal bag should strive to filter, easy to remove dust and durable. The selection of bag filter is very important, which directly affects the dust removal effect of the filter. The dust collection bag shall be selected from such factors as gas temperature, humidity, chemical composition, particle size, dust concentration, filtration wind speed and dust removal method.

A new environmental protection technology dust removal bag, especially a concave-convex folded dust removal bag. Among them, the section shape formed by the combination of the inner frame and the outer frame is the concave-convex forming form of the surrounding diagonal, and the whole formed by the dust removal bag material, the inner frame and the outer frame is a radial folded closed cylinder structure. The utility model is a folding dust removal bag with simple structure and easy manufacturing. On the premise of the same air volume for dust removal, the folding dust removal bag increases the filtering area, reduces the volume of the dust collector, saves the floor space, and saves the equipment manufacturing investment. This kind of bag filter has high dust removal efficiency and good cleaning and backwashing effect, which is conducive to extending the service life of the dust removal bag.

2. General classification specification for dust collection bags

There are different classification methods for dust collection bags, which can be divided into the following types:

First, the filtering method
According to the filtering method, it is mainly divided into internal filtering and external filtering.
1. Inner dust filter bag: After the dust containing gas is filtered through the inner surface of the dust filter bag, the dust is blocked on the inner surface of the dust filter bag. This filtering method is called internal filtering;
2. Filter bag of external filter and dust collector: after the dust containing gas passes through the outer surface of the filter bag, the dust is blocked on the outer surface of the filter bag. This filtering method is called external filtering.

2、 Processing method
According to the processing method, it is mainly divided into three types: woven filter dust collection bag, non-woven filter dust collection bag and composite filter dust collection bag.
1. Filter bag of woven filter material dust remover: the filter material woven from vertically arranged warp and weft yarns by the loom according to the organization rules is indicated by the letter w;
2. Non-woven filter material dust collection bag: It is a piece of filter material directly woven from fiber or yarn into layers, interwoven, bonded, needled, melt blown or spun without general spinning and weaving process, which is represented by a compound letter composed of the letter NW and specific processing method code;
3. Composite filter material filter bag: filter bag filter material made by more than two methods or composed of more than two materials, expressed by the letter c.

Third, fabric organization
According to the fabric organization, it is mainly divided into three types: plain dust filter bag, twill dust filter bag and forged dust filter bag.
1. Plain weave: This is a simple weaving form, with each warp and each weft alternately up and down. However, the plain weave has the disadvantages of difficult dust removal and easy blockage, so this kind of weave is rarely used as dust removal filter material;
2. Twill weave: It is composed of two upper warp yarns and four lower warp yarns interwoven with the weft yarn at the same time, and the weft weaving point gradually moves to the left or right
3. Forged texture: it can be divided into warp forging and weft forging according to whether the warp or weft can be seen on the fabric surface; The forged texture is characterized by smooth, smooth surface, very soft, good elasticity and permeability. Due to the fluidity of the yarn, it is easy to remove dust.
4、 Cross section shape of filter bag

According to the cross-sectional shape of the filter bag, it can be divided into three types: round, flat and irregular.
1. Round: the dust filter bag is cylindrical. Its specification is expressed in diameter length, i.e. dL (mm);
2. Flat: the filter bag of the vacuum cleaner is flat, including rectangular and trapezoidal, and the specification is expressed by the perimeter length, that is, pL (mm);
3. Irregular shape: the specification of the filter bag with special shape is expressed by the characteristic parameters of its structure.

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