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What is f8 bag Air Filter?

October 26,2023

The effect of bag type air filter f8 is very good, can be used as the front filter of efficient filtration, to reduce the load of efficient filtration, extend its service life, because of the large windward surface, so the amount of air dust is large, low wind speed, is considered to be the best filter structure.

Medium effect filter in the air filter belongs to F series filter, F series medium effect air filter is divided into bag type and non-bag type two, including the bag type includes F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, non-bag type includes FB(plate medium effect filter), FS(diaphragm type medium effect filter), FV(combined medium effect filter).

The effect of bag type air filter f8 is different from that of high efficiency air filter in filtration efficiency, and the filtration efficiency of high efficiency air filter is higher than that of medium efficiency air filter.

However, in practical application scenarios, the use of medium efficiency air filters has been able to meet the needs of most places, and high efficiency air filters are more suitable for places with extremely high air quality requirements.

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