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What is polyester anti-static needle felt?

June 30,2023

Polyester anti-static needle punched felt is a commonindustrial filter materialwith the following characteristics:

Durable material: The polyester anti-static needle felt usespolyester fiber(polyester) as the raw material, which has high durability and tensile strength and can work stably for a long time.

Anti static performance: Thepolyester anti-static needle felthas good anti static performance through special treatment. This material can effectively prevent the accumulation and discharge of static electricity, thereby avoiding fires or other safety issues caused by static electricity.

Corrosion resistance:Polyester anti-static needle punched felthas good corrosion resistance to general chemicals and is suitable for industrial environments with corrosive requirements for materials.

High filtration efficiency: The polyester anti-static needle felt has high filtration efficiency, which can effectively capture and filter fine dust particles in the air, maintaining a clean working environment.

Easy to clean and maintain: The surface of the polyester anti-static needle felt is smooth, not easy to adhere to dust, easy to clean and maintain, and extends its service life.

Polyester anti-static needled felt is often used forindustrial filtrationrequiring anti-static performance, such as electronic manufacturing, dust explosion hazardous areas, chemical industry and other industries. It can be used in fields such as dust removal equipment, air filters, gas filters, etc., providing efficient filtration and electrostatic protection functions.

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