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What is polyester needle felt?

November 05,2022

Polyester needle punched felt is a kind of fine fiber cloth that uses nonwoven needle punched technology to make use of interlaced fibers and uniform space distribution. The surface of needle punched felt made of polyester staple fiber and twisted polyester yarn is treated by hot rolling, singeing or coating to make the surface smooth and not easily blocked by dust. This filter material has large porosity, good air permeability, extremely wide use and strong chemical resistance. It can not only filter normal temperature gas, but also filter corrosive gas containing acid and alkali, and can filter water and oil. It is an ideal filter material in normal temperature working conditions, liquid-solid separation and other fields.

In addition to high porosity, good air permeability, high dust collection efficiency, long service life and other characteristics,polyester needle punched felthas moderate high temperature resistance, which can reach 150 ℃ instantly, acid resistance and alkali resistance, as well as excellent wear resistance. Therefore, polyester needle punched felt is widely used infelt filter materials, and is commonly used in industrial filtration, cleaning supplies, medical and other fields.

As the polyester needle felt has a wide range of fields and a large amount of usage, the manufacturer of polyester needle felt will manufacture functional polyester needle felt according to the characteristics of different customers’ products. In terms of the original performance, it can increase the performance of easy wind, water and oil repellency, anti-static, etc., forming a series of products.

SFFILTECH Company can supplypolyester needle punched filter felt with ptfe, water and oil repellency, anti-static.


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