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What is the classification and use of glass fiber filter bags?

July 19,2022

Glass fiber dust removal bag is a glass fiber high temperature resistant filter material, often bulge, silicone oil, graphite, coating, PTFE impregnation processing method, after different treatment ofwholesale glass fiber clothon the original performance and increased the permeability, easy ash, resist water oil, antistatic, high dust rate, corrosion resistance, forming glass fiber cloth bag series of products. Among them, the glass fiber filter material is divided into medium alkali glass fiber filter material, no alkali glass fiber filter material, mixed with electric conductive needle prick felt, no alkali expansion body glass fiber filter material. What are the different about them?


  1. The alkali glass fiber filter bag: made of alkali glass fiber twist yarn material, is divided into graphite treatment, silicon oil processing two series, with alkali glass fiber twist yarn by continuous weaving and weaving,top sale glass fiber filter materialwith its high temperature resistance effect, good chemical corrosion resistance, and dust easy glass, so is a high temperature dust emission enterprise ideal filter material, suitable for cement kiln and other enterprises.


  1. Alkali-free glass fiber filter bag: is in the woven glass fiber yarn formed by chemical treatment of alkali glass fiber twist yarn woven with excellent alkali resistance filter material, in the equipment room if encounter alkali gas in alkali glass fiber filter material because it does not have alkali resistance, and itself with alkali resistance of alkali-free glass fiber cloth can fully adapt to the alkali flue gas filtration, no filter material corrosion phenomenon.


  1. Mixed conductive needle thorn felt fiberglass filter bag: using polyester staple fiber and carbon fiber mixing, into the loosening, combing, network laying, pre-prick, high speed up and down the main thorn, hair burning, pressure pressing, thermal setting, greatly improve the power performance of the filter bag itself, prolong the life of the filter bag, to achieve the best use effect.


  1. Alkali-free varicosity glass fiber filter bag: alkali-free varicosity glass fiber cloth is developed on the basis of continuous alkali-free glass fiber cloth a new type, filter material, and continuous alkali-free glass fiber cloth is its latitude without alkali glass fiber expansion yarn, because the yarn fluffy, high coverage, good permeability, thus can improve the filtration efficiency, reduce filtration resistance. Because the alkali-free glass fiber itself has good alkali resistance, it can catch the effect of alkaline dust in the flue gas. At this time, the filter material can effectively prevent the alkali gas corrosion, so that the equipment is in a normal operation state.


Scope of application of glass fiber dust removal cloth bag:


Glass fiber acupuncture felt dust removal bag can be used in industrial sound insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, flame retardant and so on. Can be used in 240℃ high temperature, short time temperature resistance up to 280℃ it is widely used in steel, cement, power, non-ferrous metals, waste incineration, asphalt concrete mixing, chemical and other industries of high temperature flue gas filtration, suitable for pulse and high-speed back dust removal, is a high temperature bag filter used for a wide range of filter materials. If you areglass fiber dust removal cloth bag manufacturer & supplier, we are your best choice.



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