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What is the difference between 300 mesh and 200 mesh filter?

December 15,2021

The mesh of 300 and 200 mesh of filter screen refers to the mesh number, that is, the mesh number of 1 square inch filter material. The accuracy of 300 mesh is approximately 50 microns, and 200 mesh is approximately 75 microns.


The 200 mesh stainless steel filter screen is mainly used for working in harsh environments. It can also be made into round, oval, horseshoe and U-shaped filter screens and filter cartridges of various specifications. Stainless steel filter screen includes: mat screen, plain screen, twill screen, square eye screen, wide screen, dense screen and other woven filter screens. It is just a general term.


Important features of the product:

1. The filter performance is very stable, the production is precise, the cleaning is convenient, and the production of filter screen, filter cartridge and other products is not easy to deform.

2. High strength, good compression resistance and high pressure.

3. It can be cleaned and used repeatedly.

4. It has good high temperature resistance and can withstand high temperature of 800-1600 ℃.

5. Convenient processing, large randomness, easy cutting and welding.

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