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What is the difference between surface filter element and deep filter element?

November 05,2022

What is the difference between surface filter element and deep filter element?

According to the manufacturing materials, the materials of filter cartridges can be divided into cotton, wool, synthetic, glass, ceramic and metal filter media.

According to the structure, filter cartridges can be divided into flexible, rigid and loose filter media. Flexible media include metal filter media, non-metallic filter media (cotton fabric, wool fabric, silk fabric, synthetic fiber fabric), glass fiber fabric, non-woven fiber fabric (non-woven filter cloth, filter paper, filter blanket, filter liner), metal and non-metallic mixed media, etc; Rigid media include sintered metal mesh, sintered metal fiber felt, sintered powder materials, porous ceramics, sintered porous plastics, sintered aluminum oxide, glass filter media, etc; Loose media include diatomite, expanded perlite powder, cellulose, sand, charcoal powder and anthracite.

The filter medium is used as a surface to intercept dirt during operation, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying and separating the working medium. Because the dirt particles are accumulated on a geometric plane near the upstream of the medium on the surface, they are easy to be blocked by dirt and lose the filtering ability. As a result, its dirt holding capacity is generally low, which requires frequent washing or replacement. Woven porous mesh and generally metal wire mesh belong to typicalsurface type filter cartridges.

It is generally a permeable material with a large number of semi through holes and through holes. Its filtration takes place over the entire thickness. Some dirt particles are blocked on the surface near the upstream of the medium, and some smaller particles enter the filter medium, and are adsorbed on the hole wall under the effects of shrinkage, expansion, hydraulic effects, etc., or sediment is filtered due to the change of bridge and fluid direction. Therefore,the deep level filter cartridgehas a large capacity of receiving pollutants. It is better to filter than the surface type filter medium and has a longer service life, but the cleaning is relatively poor.

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