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What is the effect of adding PTFE to PPS filter bag?

April 18,2022

SFFILTECH selects PPS fiber to increase the filtering area of the filter material and reduce the filtering gap of the filter material. The surface is covered with PTFE film, which improves the filtering efficiency of the filter material and reduces the emission concentration and operation resistance. SFFILTECH carries out different surface treatment or coating of needle felt filter material according to the change of dust characteristics, so as to meet the needs of customers for different working conditions. So choose a high qualityPPS filter bag supplier.


Raw material selection: domestic or imported PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) fiber and PTFE fiber


Structure design: according to the purification characteristics of high-temperature flue gas and dust, PPS needle punched filter felt + PTFE film covering and easy ash removal can be produced, with uniform cloth surface, high mass density, good air permeability, small gap and high porosity


Application fields of PPS dust removal cloth bag with PTFE coated: it is widely used in dust removal, filtration and material recovery in iron and steel, cement, chemical industry, boiler, casting, flour, wood processing, blast furnace gas, coal handling in power plant and other industries.


Advantages of PPS filter bag with PTFE membrane:

  1. Continuous temperature resistance 170 ℃, instantaneous 190 ℃;
  2. It has good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, organic solvents, etc., and improves the service life of the filter material.
  3. It can be used in industries and mines with oxygen content less than 16%.
  4. The ash cleaning efficiency is good, the ash cleaning pressure intensity is low, and the service cycle is long, which reduces the operation cost of the product.

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