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What is the filtering accuracy applicable to lubricating oil

February 11,2023

The three-stage filter bag of lubricating oil is used to reduce the content of impurities in the oil to prevent dust and other impurities from entering the equipment with the oil. The general sources are warehousing filtration, distribution filtration and refueling filtration. There are strict requirements for the use of lubricating oil. When the lubricating oil deteriorates, the filtering equipment should be used to filter it immediately. To ensure the quality of its oil products.

Working process of lubricating oil vacuum oil filter:

1. Under the effect of internal and external pressure difference, the oil first enters the heater through the inlet for heat exchange heating;

2. The heated oil continues to be filtered through the primary filter, and the large particles of impurities are filtered; The oil filtered by the primary filter continues to enter the special personalized water separator under the pressure difference. Because the water separator adopts the enhanced hydrophilic and hydrophobic technology, the interaction between oil and water molecules is changed, so that the small water droplets in the oil accelerate the movement, and coalesce into large water droplets, which are separated from the oil, precipitated in the water reservoir and discharged;

3. The oil that has been de-emulsified by the water separator and removed a large amount of water will enter the vacuum separator with extremely low pressure, in which the oil will undergo pressure swing analysis, vacuum retention, and internal rapid three-dimensional evaporation using the principle of molecular separation technology to eliminate the intermolecular binding force, so that the dissolved water, dissolved gas, free water, and free gas contained in the oil can break through the oil film quickly and separate from the oil molecules;

4. When the oil enters the vacuum separator, it will first form a mist, and then form a film, which will expand its contact area in the vacuum by hundreds of times. The water contained in the oil is rapidly vaporized and discharged by the vacuum system under the conditions of high heat, high vacuum, large surface and high pumping speed;

5. The dehydrated and degassed oil is pumped into the secondary filter through the oil drain pump, and the fine particle impurities are filtered; The oil continues to enter the fine filter under the pressure, and the filter material with composite microporous structure can effectively filter the ultra-fine particles in the oil; The oil flowing out through the oil outlet is clean oil, thus completing the whole oil purification process. The high temperature and high hot water steam discharged from the upper part of the vacuum separator will be cooled and dehumidified by the cooler before entering the strong wind cooling system for cooling; The gas cooled twice is discharged by the vacuum pump.

The mesh number of filters at all levels is as follows:
From the oil receiving barrel to the oil storage barrel, it is the first level, and the degree filter screen is 60 mesh;
From the oil storage tank to the filling tank, it is a two-stage filter with 80 meshes;
There are three levels from the filling pot to the filling point, and the filter screen is 100 mesh.
Lubricating oil is a liquid or semi-solid lubricant used in various types of automobiles, machinery and equipment to reduce friction and protect machinery and processing parts. It mainly plays the role of lubrication, auxiliary cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and slow path flushing.

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