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What is the material for making diaper non-woven fabric?

July 18,2023

1、Materials for making non-woven diapers

Urinary non-woven fabric is a synthetic fiber product that can be made from various materials. Commonly used materials include polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc. These materials can form non-woven fabrics without a textile process after undergoing specific processing techniques. Non-woven fabrics have good breathability, softness, and water absorption, making them one of the ideal materials for diapers.

2、 The role and advantages of non-woven diapers

Urinary non-woven fabric mainly plays a role in isolation and absorption. It can separate urine and feces, avoiding contamination and infection of the baby's skin. At the same time, non-woven fabrics can effectively absorb urine and lock it inside to prevent leakage and lateral leakage. Compared to traditional diapers, non-woven diapers have the following advantages:

1. Soft and Comfortable: Non-woven diapers use soft non-woven materials to make babies feel more comfortable and natural.

2. Good air permeability: non-woven diapers have good air permeability, which is not easy to cause baby's skin to be excessively wet, thus reducing the probability of Irritant diaper dermatitis.

3. Strong water absorption: Non-woven diapers have strong water absorption, which can effectively improve the convenience of use and reduce the frequency of frequent replacement.

3、 The difference between traditional diapers and non-woven diapers

Compared to traditional diapers, non-woven diapers have the following advantages:

1. Environmental protection: The plastic materials used in traditional diapers cause significant environmental pollution, while non-woven diaper materials are more environmentally friendly.

2. Sensitivity: Baby's skin is relatively soft and sensitive to chemicals, while non-woven diapers use natural and environmentally friendly materials, which are more caring and gentle for babies with soft skin.

3. Physical properties: Non-woven materials have better physical properties, such as tensile resistance and wear resistance, making them more durable and practical.

In summary, the production materials of diaper non-woven fabrics include various materials, and non-woven fabrics have good isolation and absorption effects in diaper. Compared with traditional diapers, non-woven diapers are more environmentally friendly, gentle and comfortable, and more caring and caring for baby skin.

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