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What is the material of FMS needle felt filter cloth?

April 29,2022

FMS high temperature resistant needle punched filter material is a new high temperature resistant variety. It is composed of two or more kinds of high temperature resistant fibers mixed and laminated. FMS needle punched filter felt series products have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, acid-base corrosion resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance, etc. We not only have to choose high-quality fms filter cloth, but also choose the leadingfms filter cloth manufacturer.


FMS needle felt filter cloth is a new high-temperature and high-efficiency filter material with reasonable structure and excellent performance. FMS needle felt filter cloth material is a physical composite filter material of glass fiber and PPS, P84, nomex, etc. it not only has the advantages of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, stable size and high strength of glass fiber woven filter material, but also takes alkali free glass fiber as the basic raw material, Mixed with P84 or other high-temperature resistant fibers, it is made of high count fiber filaments into velvet needle, which has good heat resistance, flame retardant, anti-corrosion effect, small gas filtration resistance, dust removal efficiency is higher than woven filter material, and the filtration speed is about twice higher than woven filter material. The price of this material is relatively low, and the service temperature can reach 260 ℃, which is not affected by the change of boiler temperature; the fibers constituting the filter material can also be treated with boiler combustion tail gas after corresponding chemical treatment. However, because its main component is glass fiber and its bending resistance is poor, the service life of the filter material (generally less than 1 year) is short and the filtration accuracy (dust removal rate) is poor. Therefore, the filter material can only be used as a short-term behavior. In addition, due to the non-standard competition of manufacturers and the lack of effective manufacturing and testing standards, the quality of the filter material is very uneven.


The film covered FMS filter cloth material is bonded with a layer of ultra-thin micro porous membrane on the surface of ordinary FMS needle felt, so as to achieve higher filtration accuracy and water and oil repellency. After different surface chemical treatment and finishing technologies, it also has the characteristics of easy ash removal, water repellency, and oil resistance, anti-static and so on. It is the preferred product for purifying blast furnace gas and flue gas filtration in iron and steel, refining and other industries.


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